Anteo Gremi is an Albanian painter of 37 years old, born in a small town bordered from the Mediterranean sea where landscapes and culture fits into its peasants spirit.
anteo grei

Currently living and working in Tirana city, capital of Albania. Its artworks, emerged in the last 3 years, through the participation in many artist’s group shows and 2 solo exhibitions. In the last personal exhibition held at the Albanian National History Museum, Anteo’s paintings were awarded from critics, shifting its work among the emerging contemporaneous artists in the country. The artist work style is characterized from its depth light and color, expressing the universe of beauty. Anteo’s art works are oil on canvas, mostly realized through the impasto technique. In the last work series, the artist explores the depth of the colors and sounds emanating from the Mediterranean sea. In this art series, the artist aims to redefine the beauty through colors and simple shapes by creating its own reality.